Progetti per l’innovazione sostenibile nei servizi

  • Il Progetto “Sustainablexport (SUSEX)“, elaborato a partire dal luglio 2013, riguarda modalità innovative e sostenibili per l’export di prodotti alimentari di qualità.

Projects for sustainable innovation in services

  • The Project “EYE-FIRE – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) for monitoring forest fires”, developed since February 2013, involve the use of an innovative tool to monitor the environment in case of crisis.
  • The Project “Sustainable Export (SUSEX)”, developed since July 2013, involve the use of an innovative and sustainable platform for the export of high quality food products.
  • The project “Earth’s Breath: re-naturalization of productive underutilized or abandoned areas”, developed from July 2013 in collaboration with the Association “Tuscan Network APSEA” regards the “green retrofitting” of the existing tuscan productive areas and-or a new method to make the forecasted productive areas sustainable, thanks to the “APEA initiative” realized by the Tuscan Region.