Progetti per l’innovazione sostenibile in agricoltura

  • Il Progetto “Bee as an Eco-Marker (BaEM)“, elaborato a partire dal maggio 2010, riguarda il monitoraggio del comportamento delle api, considerate come indicatori ecologici.


Projects for sustainable innovation in agriculture

  • The project “Advanced Environment and Agricolture Monitoring system” developed with NETSENS Ltd. since December 2009, regards the introduction in agriculture and industry of an advanced system for monitoring of the environmental parameters “by remote”.

  • The Project “Workshop Piana Verde”, developed since 2011, regards the cultivation of medicinal plants in the abandoned public rural areas of the municipality of Campi Bisenzio (FI).

  • The project “Bee as an Eco-Marker (BAEM)”, developed since May 2010, regards the monitoring of bee behavior, considering these insects as ecological indicators.