Alveare Netsus – idee sostenibili in movimento


Aree di lavoro di NETSUS:
Tematiche trasversali:
 progetti di sviluppo territoriale
 progetti di sviluppo industriale (processi/prodotti)
 progetti di networking
comunicazione & marketing
 fundraising & resourceraising
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Thinking and doing now with a true awareness of the past, and looking for the future effects of the choises, imagining their interactions with the today’s dinamics.

Ever verifying the adequacy and the elegance of our vision and actions, to go carefully towards the new possible situations and horizonts.

Beehive Netsus – moving sustainable ideas

Netsus workspaces

  • projects for a new dialogue between hitorical and contemporary arts
  • projects for sustainable architecture and landscape

  • projects for the sustainability in tourism
  • projects for sustainable innovation in agriculture

  • projects for sustainable innovation in industry

  • projects for sustainable innovation in services

  • projects for sustainable innovation in social services

Cross-cutting themes
• territorial development projects
• industrial development projects (processes/products)
• networking projects
• training
• communication & marketing
• fundraising & resourceraising

Suggestions and notes

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